The Skyros project


A true Mediterranean story...

The SKYROS Program is a permanent and recurring joint collaboration. After six years of action, it has managed to stand out with an impressive multitude of awards, winning 14 awards: 1 World (1st for Climate Change Awareness Video Production - Marrakesh 2016 at the Climate Change World Summit), 2 European (Most popular Video and the best production one for zero waste), 7 Gold National (3 in Tourism - 4 in the Environment), 2 Silver and 1 Honorary. The port of Skyros has been included as a member of the 86 award-winning European marines in the Trans Europe Marina program.

International acknowledgment at a global level confirms strong citizen support around the globe, which seals the power of the Skyros social network, whose Facebook page alone has surpassed 7500 followers (

The continued involvement of the SKYROS program in the fair competition of international competition and visibility is of utmost importance into encouraging all those involved in securing a quality daily life and maintaining a respectful environment.