120m2 magical Turquoise

Πληκτρολογήστε το κείμενό σας εδώ...

in progress...

Unique & rare 

How many of us have dreamed of a turquoise paradise, just for them?

Such a unique paradise of incomparable beauty exists on the island of Skyros, 20 minutes from the port of Linaria & 30 minutes from Skyros Chora.

An ubsolutely rare location in the entire Aegean and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, now offered on a combination of 10,000 m2 green estate in a magical landscape, together with a legal holiday home of 120m2 in total. (60m2 two floor traditional island house, plus 60m2 support buildings)

10 meters (!) from this unique beach, with a face to the sea at least 60 meters, you can dream the inestimable value of Slow Living, alone with your people in the middle of a magical landscape.

You can drive your own RIVA or Cigarette boat and enjoy the Blue Life in this extraordinary island.

Your dreams are turquoise 

No less than 1 million euro

This unique Real Estate project, is in progress. 

We will inform you very soon about all the details you might wish to know about this rare property.


With more than 100 healthy olive trees & a private church to pray for your happiness.

Looking to the WEST for magical sunsets...


Heaven is not for everyone