Boutique island villa

             Pefkos - Skyros West

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Boutique island villa in Skyros West

(This unique island villa is also available for RENT / Price: 380 euro per day)

Buying a private boutique island villa in the middle of a magnificent Aegean Landscape, you have the privacy and the safety you need in life.

A 4.865 m2 private pine estate, is the ideal environment to feel safe & healthy. No close neighbors, no traffic, no sounds. Nobody will interrupt your unique tranquility in Pefkos - Skyros West. You can choose always a quite lovely beach of this amazing pure island. Try a delicious traditional meal in a Greek island tavern next of you or cook something special in the fully equipped kitchen of this unique island villa.

Live with style in PEFKOS - Skyros West in a unique & artistic aegean island villa, under a rare privacy...

Feel & touch Summer inside one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the MEDITERRANEAN...


ENERGY certificate: ΠΕΑ: Γ   

Brokerage fee  3%

Uniquely artistic and elegant boutique island villa of 110sm. surrounded by the natural beauty of a 4.865sqm. private estate. The property can accommodate 4 - 6 guests and can also be separated into two completely independent smaller houses of 70sqm & 40sqm each.

Both houses are fully furnished and equipped so you can enjoy your privacy whilst on holiday as well as combine with other friends.

From four spacious verandas, delight in the pure environment of the surrounding pines & cedars and enjoy breathtaking sea views of the Aegean. Artistic style, quality and simple refinement are found here at "Pefkos villa".

Easy access to the amazing terrace for spectacular views.

Traditional plain lines and a minimal combination of white and light grey, create a pure result which ties perfectly with the unique landscape. "Pefkos villa" will delight the lovers of frugal Aegean architecture but also those seeking seclusion and peace.

This wonderful island villa, is fully furnished & equipped and has 2 big beds (110 X 200 or a double 220 X 200...), 2 single beds (100 X 200), 2 bathrooms & 2 kitchens.

It is ideal for a family or two couples.

The charming azure beach of Pefkos, awaits you just a 2 minute drive away. Turquoise blue waters, thin white sand and evergreen hills that reach all the way to the sea.

Within a 15-minute drive you can reach the picturesque maintown of Skyros which is small, vibrant, very beautiful and full of island Summer life.

Traditional architecture, narrow winding paths, small white houses, galleries, churches, wonderful sunsets, crystal clear waters and an unspoiled wild beauty... Skyros is truly magical.

This unique island villa is for sale, fully furnished, fully equipped & fully decorated.

Double face hand made stone paddock in the front, electric gate & an open parking place of 15m2 with seating area and a pergola. 10m3 emergency underground water tanks, garden & paddock lights & an extraordinary amazing view

Pefkos villa is a rare real boutique island villa

Innovative Arcitecture

Top building quality

Extraordinary interior

Unique-wonderful aura

Stunning, absolutely pristine location

Extremely easy access

Spectacular flat - walkable plot

Amazingly rare landscape

Magical view

This unique property is certified by the Greek State & Town Planning technical services for its legality 

PRICE: 1.100.000 euro

The price includes the 4 x 8 swimming pool (32m2) along with its surrounding area  (in progress…)

A satelite american modern alarm system protects the residence.

Brokerage fee: 3%

CODE: SP - 703

For more details & information, please contact: 

"Skyros Real Estate - immobilier"

 "Real Athens" official Real Estate agency in ATHENS Greece. 

Member of The Real Estate Association in ATHENS/ Registration number 9312

.שירותי נדל"ן SKYROS

.וילות ובתים למכירה  

A unique, a rare AEGEAN villa in Skyros island...

Actors, cinema directors, tv celebrities & corporate executives, spent their summer holidays in this incredibly beautiful boutique island villa in one of the most enchanting landscapes in the Mediterranean, and models from all over the world were photographed on its bright white walls...Experience a rare privacy on a magnificent 4.865m2 estate in a virgin Aegean island.

WHY 1.100.000?

Because it's a rare, a unique island villa in a huge extraordinary flat plot in the middle of an amazing landscape.
Because it's the Paradise. 

Photography - copyright: VART contemporary... 
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Or have a magical Winter escape...


What you WIN?

You win a 24% VAT tax.

(from the alternative ocassion to purchase a new one or to built from the beginning)

You win the immidiate access to the property

Have a multiple GOLDEN VISA

and gain access for you & your family to European markets 

You have an absolutely unique & architecturally brilliant, boutique island villa, that can also be separated into two completely independent smaller houses of 70sqm & 40sqm each

You have a unique boutique island villa, fully decorated by decorator - artist & fully equipped

You get an extremely unique island villa, on a perfect flat plot & not on a plot with a slope that you can not walk

You have an extremely safe modern construction, with very high durability reinforced building foundations 

You save the very high cost of supervising the building project by the civil engineer or any other "project manager"

You save the outrageous prices in building materials - up to 40% by the first quarter of 2022

You win at least 6 - 12 months for offcial licences, endless docyments & unlimited high expencies

You avoid the involvement with the "Town planting authorities" the "Municipality" & the "Forest authorities"

You save at least 2 - 3 years from the alternative ocassion to built from the beginning until the full complete of the project

You save a very high ammount of all the above expencies including the big cost for continuous travelling and too much time for your personal supervisioning on a such comlicated building project.

and many more

According to the urban planning regulations, there is still a balance of 106 sq.m. that you can build in addition to the specific plot

This unique property is certified by the Greek State & Town Planning technical services for its legality  


Feel SKYROS via...  

Blue...  is BLUE...

in a Magnificent Landscape...

A magical house, in a perfect harmony with one of the most wonderful landscapes not only in the Aegean, but in the entire Mediterranean...

Hand made double sided stone paddock with authentic local stone & vehicle gate with remote controlled electric motor. Independent entrance for pedestrians.

There is no Real Estate without island LIFE...

.שירותי נדל"ן SKYROS

.וילות ובתים למכירה

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