SKYROS for digital nomads. 

Greece is one of the first countries to become a digital innovation destination with a new law attracting "digital nomads". Greece is a leading country in promoting the facilitation of citizens who wish to stay and work on new technologies offering comparative advantages, which are not exhausted in the sun and the sea, but include a very high rate of digital transformation, a stable and secure institutional framework, as well as, a society that according to research was already ranked in 2017 (in the midst of crisis) particularly high in the indicators of empathy, in contrast to competing destinations of digital nomads. Greece is among the top destinations for Digital Nomads. The country comes with an abundance of pros: breath-taking landscape, excellent weather conditions, easiness of communicating in English, hospitality, great internet access and speed, reasonable apartment rental costs and a vast variety of places to visit. The country offers a unique combination of tradition, history and fashion, transportation is easy and the cost of living is lower than that in most of the countries of the western world. Holders of non EU travel documents, self-employed, freelancers or employees, based outside Greece, may apply for a Long Term Visa (National Visa) for a period of up to twelve (12) months. 

Come and live in Skyros island, an ideal place for digital nomads. 

Endless Blue, spectacular White...