An unforgettable experience


Just a breath of fresh air away from Attica and Evia , Skyros whose name stands for stone debris stands alone at the southeast corner of the Sporades island complex. When I first visited this jewel of the Aegean, six years ago, I was blown away by the brightness of its blue skies and the intensity of its azure waters. Skyros' unspoiled beauty spoke straight to my heart as it will to any visitor's. Its long, sandy beaches, its biodiversity within its protected NATURA habitat, its archaeological sites and magical sunsets are among some of the things I really enjoyed during my stay on the island. Whether you pay a visit to the submerged city of Palamari, get carried away watching the sunset at Atsitsa cafe, visit the Archaeological Museum of Skyros near the Town Square or enjoy a quick swim in the cool, crystal clear waters of Kalamitsa Beach, you will have the time of your life! The perfect end of a summer day includes fresh fish and lobster at the local tavernas of Aspous or Pefkos. And you should never go to bed before tasting a home-made ice cream inside the noisy Skyros main Square or even an exotic cocktail at the picturesque port of Linaria. Friendly bars & elegant coffee shops, await you at every turn of the magnificent Chora, with its cobbled-stone alleys and unsuperable views. Skyros is an unforgettable experience.

Margarita Sotiropoulou / ATHENS - GREECE


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